7 Promising Energy Startups to Watch in 2021

7 Promising Energy Startups to Watch in 2021

The COVID-19 made the year 2020 a year filled with challenges but despite that this year doesn’t cease from amazing the world by producing thousands of startups globally.

The startups are basically handpicked on the basis of a data-driven startup scouting approach by keeping certain factors under the consideration such as location, founding year, the relevance of technology, and many more.

Below are the chosen top seven emerging startups based on innovative energy management solutions of the world after analyzing 2,835 energy startups globally.

These energy startups are the one which you will be looking up for in the upcoming years. These are up to date solutions for your innovations and R&D (Research and Development) and also the product development department.

The Top seven startups are as follows:

Windbreak – Weather Analytics for Renewables

The Windbreak is an Israeli startup that will develop weather-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions for predicting the generation of renewable energy. This innovation applies ML (Machine Learning), deep neural networks, and advanced forecasting for power generation in this startup. It will increase the efficacy of wind and solar assets. This startup will result in lower power generation costs and the enhancement of environmental stability.

Goodway Energy – Fuel Combustion Optimization

Goodway Energy is a Polish startup which is offering energy industry organizations an activator technology solution. This innovation has applied quantum chemistry and molecular physics to increase energy generation. This startup will allow energy producers in lowering their fuel consumption and it will also result in lower CO2 emissions.

Last Energy – Nuclear Energy

Last Energy is a US-based startup in which they have developed a framework for a pressurized water reactor construction for the development of a nuclear power plant. It will help in reduce plant construction costs, and create an environment for producing clean energy more accessible. The startup has offered the OPEN100 platform solution for the plant scheme and design.

Surge Electronics – Energy Storage System Design

Surge Electronics is a Singapore based startup, and it is providing AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution for batter OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This startup has applied ML (Machine Learning) model into the production outlining the detection and analysis. The AI will support the R&D (Research and Development) as well as quality assurance. It will maximize the efficiency of new battery storage designs.

Enkumo – Energy Consumption Management

The UK based startup Enkumo, developing digital portfolio solutions for energy procurement teams. It is offering energy analytics and solutions for risk management. It can also help some executives to visualize the influence of various factors on the consumption of energy. It helps the companies to efficiently manage and control energy procurement.

PowerD- Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

PowerD is a Dutch startup providing a smart charging solution to electric vehicles. It is offering an application (app) that helps in scheduling the sessions for renewable energy charging. This innovation will lower the cost by maximizing home charging as well as improves fleet sustainability.

Enspired – AI-Powered Energy Trading

Enspired, the Austrian startup is providing AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) energy trading services to companies without access to the intraday market of power. Strategy optimization and power generation dispatching are part of the offer of this startup. It’s innovation specializes in short term storage, renewable energy, and e-mobility. This startup works well with thermal power plants, virtual power plants (VPPs), as well as combined heat and water assets (CHP). This innovative startup will help the companies optimize trading profitability and secure operations transparency.

These are the startups which will be seen in the energy industry as a bigger solution to stride them towards the clean energy goals or even excel their companies by introducing these type of solutions and earn a bigger chunk of profit.

The 2,835 startups were analyzed to bring the best in front of the world but this doesn’t mean they all were failures.